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Radial Nerve Stretch

Radial Nerve Stretch


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The radial nerve can be entrapped in a number of places along its path down from the neck into the wrist or hand.  Stretch or flossing the nerve to keep it free from the surrounding structures has been come a popular way of treating and preventing the problem but one important thing to consider before beginning a radial nerve stretching program is to find out where the nerve entrapment is.

The term “radial nerve stretch” is one of the top topics searched on the P2 Sports Care website (the other being ulnar nerve stretches).  This indicates it is a common problem and many people are searching for way to fix it at home.  I would caution anyone from trying to treat an injury on his or her own, especially a nerve problem.

The following radial nerve stretch is one I give to my patients if their condition requires so.  Please do not attempt this activity unless a qualified medical provider has cleared you to do so.

What to do if the problem does not go away on its own after a short amount of time

Nerves can become damaged from a lack of nutrition when compression is present and for this reason I would recommend seeing someone who can identify the primary spot of radial nerve entrapment.  Active Release Techniques® (ART®) providers are good at this and some other doctor can tell with diagnostic testing.

Active Release Techniques (ART®) can fix radial nerve entrapments fast.  The reason is most ART® providers are able to correctly find the area of entrapment and “separate” the nerve from scar tissue formations causing “sticking” to adjacent soft tissue structures.  Normally a significant change can be noticed within 4-6 treatments if not sooner.  If you aren’t getting significant results from the treatment you are currently using try taking a look into Active Release Techniques®.

To find out more about what ART® is click HERE to read a more detailed article.

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This stretch is targeting at stretching out some of the muscles, which commonly entrap the radial nerve as it comes from the neck, through the arm and into the forearm. The purpose of this stretch is to keep that muscle loose between ART® treatments or even during periods where you might over use the muscle, such as deskwork or manual labor. This is what the stretch should look like.  Something you might not notice in the picture is that you must keep your fingers curled in a fist and then grab the fist with your other hand, inducing rotation forward.  Notice if someone were look at you from the front, they would see the back of your forearm. There should be no pain when performing this exercise, only the feeling of the muscles in the forearm being stretched.  If there is pain, discontinue the use of this activity until further evaluation. Do not attempt this exercise unless your medical doctor has cleared you


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