Newport Beach

by | Apr 26, 2019

Serving Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach, CA is known for its immutable beauty as a quintessential beach town does. Situated in Orange County, or the “O.C.,” Newport Beach, CA, has plenty to offer and has an elevation of 10′.

Some of the local beaches in Newport Beach include Newport Beach Municipal Beach, Newport Beach Pier, Corona del Mar State Beach and Balboa Pier.

Known as one of the original surfing beaches, Municipal Beach is a popular place to shred those enticing Pacific Ocean waves.

Regarding their population numbers, Newport Beach, CA has approximately 86,160 people. This population data is based on 2017 US Census. As for the number of households in Newport Beach, there are 44, 678 — this according to the 2017 American Community Survey.

The racial demographics of Newport Beach, CA, includes 74,918 Whites, 6.675 Asians, 2,640 people of two or more races, 1,697 of some other race, 547 Blacks, 204 American Indian and Alaska Native and 112 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders.

It was noted that Newport Beach, CA reached a peak population of 87,101 in 2013, but has been decreasing slightly in population since then. The latest median income numbers for Newport Beach, CA is $119,379, according to

Newport, CA has plenty of recreational sports to play like basketball, baseball, golf, aquatics, flag football, tennis, soccer, volleyball and more. However, there are no pro football, pro basketball or other pro sports leagues located in Newport Beach or any team that specifically represents Newport Beach.

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, which is located at the edge of the city limits, is a great natural attraction with 135 acres of parkland. Nature lovers can hike and bike along the trails to take in some amazing views. Newport Bay Conservancy and estuary exhibits located at the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center provides visitors to learn more about the area and the many creatures that occupy the park.

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