A guide you can follow from the comforts of your home to start feeling better and work your way back to living an active life!

Lower Back Pain 12 Week Guided Program

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All 5 Star Reviews!

“…My pain has gone away in a little over a week.” – Garrett McFaul

“…This guide was very helpful in immediately reducing my pain.” – Marieka Drovin

“…I just wish I had found this guide hundreds of dollars sooner.” – April Himel

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Get This Guide If You Problems With: 

  • Sitting or Standing Up from a Seated Position
  • Carrying and lifting items that weigh more than 10 LBS
  • Turning in Bed
  • Getting In and Out of Cars
  • Putting on Shoes
  • Picking Up / Playing With Your Kids

Performance Place 12-Week Low Back Program

This guide is a field-tested process that gives people with low back pain a game plan for recovery. 

We’ve taken nearly everything that works in our clinic and created an easy to follow guide with video instructions on all the movement exercises each week. In our clinic, we use non-invasive techniques to help people with back issues just like you, and we've spent hundreds of hours putting together this 12 week guide, complete with easy to use video exercises that are known to help reduce discomfort and build up strength. 

There's no need to avoid the joys of daily life. 

Relief is within reach, and for a lot less money! 

See What People Are Saying About This Guide

3 reviews for Lower Back Pain 12 Week Guided Program

    April Himel (verified owner)

    I injured my low back working out and this guide really helped me figure out what to do. Dr. Gonzales is clearly speaking from loads of experience because the cues and details in the guide are easy to follow and spot on. I just wish I had found this guide hundreds of dollars sooner.

    I’ve been pain free for months and this guide has completely changed my day-to-day comfort levels.

    Marieka Drovin (verified owner)

    I had pain in my right glute and lower back. This guide was very helpful in immediately reducing my pain. After doing it once, I had less pain when sitting and bending down. Moreover, Sebastian was VERY helpful and kind to me whenever we emailed. He checked in periodically to ask how the guide was going for me. He is very informative about back issues and I really appreciated him taking the time to help me. I would recommended this guide to anyone with lower back pain!

    Garrett McFaul (verified owner)

    I had extreme pain in my hamstring and lower back. With all these exercises helped me reduce the pain. Take your time with all the exercises before going back to compete. My pain has gone away in a little over a week. Follow the steps and you’ll be back to do whatever sport or activities you want to do.

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