5 Steps Of Patient Care Series (3 of 6)- The Lumbar Region – The Clinician’s Guide

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1 review for 5 Steps Of Patient Care Series (3 of 6)- The Lumbar Region – The Clinician’s Guide

    Marylou Garcia (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this guide to any chiropractor or physical therapist looking to up their game in treatment of the low back. This guide is a great supplement to anyone who likes the CRISP books/protocols by Don Murphy. If you’d read those books and agree that patients need to have better control of their own health then you will love this. Dr. Gonzales gives you a step by step guideline of what to look for and examples of exercises for treatment that will be useful the next day not just theory and concepts.

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This guide is perfect for chiropractor, physical therapist, strength coaches and trainer who work with populations suffering with low back pain, due to disc, nerve, facet pathology, muscle pain and referred pain.

These workshops are part of a 6 part series. This is 3 of 6.

2020 Schedule:
– April 18th 9 am- 11 am PST – Hip (this ran over. Total time 2.5 hours)
– May 2nd 9 am- 11 am PST – Shoulder
– May 16th 9 am- 11 am PST – Lumbar region
– May 30th 9 am- 11 am PST – Cervical Region
– June 13th (DOUBLE DAY!!) 
          9 am- 11 am PST – Lumbar Radicular
          11:30 am- 1:30 am PST – Cervical Radicular

It is strongly suggest you begin here, as many of the concepts of loading, first-aid and exercises will not be address in full detail in other workshops, but they will be referenced.

Full comprehension and usage of these methods will be more probable if you start at this video.

Learn an easy to follow step-by-step process of how to program care for a patient with lumbar pain from examination, ddx, correctives and loading swiftly.

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