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Are you tired of all of the same old PT, Chiro and Pathology posters for the office?
I was… so I made these.
I spent over a month on each ensuring the most current sports medicine theories.

I did leave some “technique-based” therapies out by choice to combat any copyright and trademark issues. I think we can all read between the lines in these sections on these right? 🙂


Shoulder pain while sleeping?
Worse after throwing?
Can’t reach behind your back?

These are all symptoms of rotator cuff tears or shoulder impingement. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you plan on playing baseball beyond this season you MUST read this eBook.

Could you imagine…3 months of substituting running for physical therapy, only to have the same knee injury reoccur within the first 30 miles.

I’ve met many runners who have had this very experience. Doing the wrong type of knee pain therapy for the wrong injury, combined with lack of running, will normally yield this type of experience.

Re-injuries can mean starting back at the beginning again… this book covers the top 6 reasons for knee pain when running. It focuses on improving your understanding of the injury and only dabbles in treatments and rehab. Enjoy!



This Extension Check Brace is used for meniscus injuries and popliteus tears. If you have been instructed by us get this one by clicking on the photo.


Crossover Symmetry is a product I recommend to those athletes/ patients whom want to make their shoulder warm-up easy. I’m not going to lie, you can make a home-made version of this product for a huge savings but in my experience people don’t want to hassle with it. Crossover makes everything really easy to follow. My goal is to get my patients to do the shoulder blade warm up PERIOD and if this is what it takes to get it done please buy one. Save yourself the hassle.

Self myofascial TOOLS

The Theracane is a product I personally use for when I have some aches and pains. I have a video on the top 4 ways a I use it. Self myofascial tools are awesome to use when you don’t have access to a doctor to work on you or you are away on a trip. A pinch in your neck can really ruin a vacation. i know from personal experience.

Gua Sha Tools are a great way to do self treatment on superficial fascia, ligaments and tendons. It works well for muscles too but not if its super deep. I used tools like this one at my facility often. I love using it for conditions like old ankle sprains, patellar tendonitis, wrist pain, palmar fascia pain, and tennis elbow.

A Lacrosse Ball is perfect for the self soft tissue work we show in our Youtube videos. It is great for small muscles strain and repetitive use injuries commonly found in runners, baseball players and other athletes whom use there body in the same way over and over again. The goal of using soft tissue work is to break up scar tissue before it become more dense and tight. Clients whom have never used a Lacrosse Ball before I normally spend 10 minutes showing them how to work into the hips, legs, calf, and shoulder girdle. Majority of the time they stand up feeling 10x better than when they laid down. Very cheap and effective.

Rehab Bands

Theraband Loops are a tool we use for much of our low back, hip and knee programs. When used around the knees it gives great feed back to the hips to promote external rotation, which is a major training goal to rehab and prevent injuries to the hip. We use around the ankles when activating the gluteus medius and lateral hip muscular as well. As for durability, I have had some of the same bands used multiple times a week last for more than 2 years. Most people use the blue band.

Heavy Bands are a product we use for distraction of the shoulder and hip. The big blue one is awesome at creating enough pull on the femur to relieve symptoms from hip impingement, tendonitis of the hip and more. The Purple band is one I personally use for teaching the shoulder joint how to move properly through a previously painful range of motion without pain. Compensatory/ guarded motion is so common in sports injuries. The assisted scapular motion created with this purple band is perfect for minor rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingement.

Weights & Loading


A Landmine is a training tool we use in our facility to assist our clients into a better squatting pattern. You may not think doing a squat is that complicated but I can not tell you how many people can’t keep their weight back. A landmine can help you become a glute dominate squatter… leading to more strength and endurance within the posterior chain. This is important for injury prevention, rehab and performance.

Kettle Bells are something we use in the office for rehab purposes every day. I do mean everyday. Apollo Athletics is the only brand I purchase. Very durable and have not rusted on me. Beginners typically start using 9-18lb kettle bells, I know they are small in weight but part of the point of using kettle bells is to load one side of the body to correct imbalances side to side. Some exercises we use these light weights for are suitcase carries, Upright carries, lunges and squats. The larger weights are great for bilateral (two leg) exercises such as kettle bell swings, sumo squats and goblet squats. These are exercise we recommend to over 90% of our rehab clients within the first few months, if not sooner. Wondering what weight is right for you? If you are a 115lb female runner you would probably start with a 26lb weight. A male endurance athlete may start with around 35lbs.

This is one of the top Deep Water Running Belts I could find. I’m not going to lie. I do night deep water run because do not care to run with an injury that much BUT if you are looking to create normal running mechanics and keep some load on the muscles needed to run then deep water running is a must do. Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


I don’t often recommend nutritional products to my clients but I have to share this. I have had a sassy stomach for as long as I can remember. It had gotten worse over the years 2014 – 2016 after I took a dose of antibiotics for a sickness. My gut was a wreck for 2 years and after taking MRM Veggie Meal Replacement for 2 weeks (1 a day) now I am 95% better. It was amazing! I originally started taking it because it had clean ingredients and I was attempting to drop some body fat but the gut response is the only reason I still drink it. One would last you around 1.5 weeks if you take a double scoop (~200 cal per scoop). I would just buy a few the first time for a 3 week duration.


If you are looking for the shoes I was talking about in the weightlifting shoe video on Youtube, these are them. The Adidas Weightlifting shoes have been great for me. When I first started using them to squat and clean it was night and day… especially since I was using running shoes. If you are serious about continuing to increasing weights lifting these are a “must buy.”

Wonder what running shoes I use? I have used Asics GT 2000 for a few years and have loved them. Now I will caution you to not go buy a pair without trying them on. For this reason, local running shops are great. They often have awesome return policies if your feet don’t do well in them.

Leukotape is what I use for Tab Taping but you MUST buy the Cover roll with it if you value your skin. I use this for unstable joints, ACLs, wrist injuries, knee injuries and sometimes ankles.

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