#100 – Highlight Show – Recapping The Last 99 Sessions

by | Jul 19, 2018

#100 – Highlight Show – Recapping The Last 99 Sessions

I thought I should take this opportunity in SESSION 100 to highlight the best of the best of the last 99 episodes and share some of my experiences in making this podcast for you all.

To be honest, the show is still evolving, I’m still evolving and the direction of the show is changing slightly.

Since I don’t make my living through being a podcast host, producer and promoter, I have fallen short on some organization aspects that are needed to make a podcast explode. I lose my direction many times when I am chatting on air… in the next 100 episodes, I plan on making the show a 2.0 version for y’all.

A few of the improvements I’ll personall