Ulnar Nerve eBook 4.0 - courses

The Complete Guide to Rehabbing Hand Numbness Due to the Ulnar Nerve


Hand numbness due to the ulnar nerve can be fixed for good with ACTIVE CARE. This book provides a comprehensive look at how to resolve it so you can sleep peacefully! 

In this book you will learn:  

  • WHERE the numbness originates from on your body
  • Correctional exercises that address each scenario
  • Accompanying videos for all exercises
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5 out of 5 Stars!

"Just wanted to thank you for putting out this eBook and accompanying videos. The eBook was excellent and served to inform me of treatment options and symptoms. In short, I am a classical pianist and also work a desk job, and became very frightened when I began having numbness in 4th and 5th fingers of right hand.  

It means a lot that I was able to find your ebook and allay fears about severity of issue I was having. Thanks again. " 

- James A. Quebec, Canada 

Thanks for writing this!

"Thank you for making this information available! This book probably saved me hundreds of dollars on a doctors visit. This is well explained and opened my eyes to how something as simple as sitting or sleeping properly can make you feel better. Best part is, I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore shaking off my hand!" 

- Harold M. California, United States 

Product Description

In this eBook, we take a deep dive into the issue of hand numbness, or ulnar nerve entrapment. Continued numbness of the hand left undiagnosed and untreated for more than a few weeks may trigger the process of muscle atrophy (loss of size and strength of the hand muscles), which will result in permanent disability. This is a major reason why we take a thorough look into WHY a patient's hand numbness occurs before providing a course of action to resolve the issue.  

This eBook shows the 5 positions along the course of your neck down to your fingers where the numbness could originate from, how to test for each, and the different exercises you can do to feel better and resolve hand numbness for good!  

The Active Care process by which we resolve hand numbness will cover three parts:  

  • Decreasing or modifying pain-triggering activities and postures
  • Learning to desensitize the sensations when they come
  • Conditioning/teaching the body to support these proper postures through active care