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High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment

High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment

High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment does not have to feel hopeless and uneventful.  Although High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment can take a while to allow a runner to recover back to higher intensity workouts (higher speeds) there is no reason why an athlete will not be able to be able to enjoy running middle to short distance at slower speeds.  Obviously most runners want to return to their prior peak but many time this take a variety of specific exercises, manual therapies and creative running programing.  Here is a video on High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment which may help some athletes attain more information about their condition.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Hamstring Huntington BeachMusculoskeletal Ultrasound Huntington Beach

Common High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment:

There are a variety of methods used in High Hamstring Tendonopathy treatment but I will list them in order of the importance I suggest due to personal experience in treating this condition

  • Eccentric Exercise
  • Active Release manual therapy
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Traditional Strength and Conditioning

Obviously there are other types of therapies which can help but I have not had a personal experience with them so I can not comment on them.

High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment

High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment Huntington Beach Orange County Ca

Common outcome of High Hamstring Tendonopathy Treatment:

Most people seems to respond well but again High Hamstring Tendonopathy treatment does only become effective if programmed well.  Certain exercises too soon will set you back and not soon enough will limit your forward progress.  Most clients at the Performance Place respond to over 50% change within 8 sessions in this condition but will only continue forward with dedication to specific strength and conditioning exercises.

If you need help finding a provider experienced in High Hamstring Tendonopathy treatment in your area just let us know.