Our Services and Products

We Offer a Wide Array of Services to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Our entire approach to helping people like yourself become pain-free centers around education. As such, we’ve developed a vast library of free and premium online content that can help you in addition to our One-on-One care options.

Here is a list of our services/products to help you get back to living a pain-free life.




In-Person & Virtual Sessions

Nothing can truly replace the nuances of seeing us in person, in our office in Costa Mesa, California. 

The beauty of the methods we use in-person is that we don’t have to physically touch you to help you. Our 5 step process uses movement based corrective exercises, which we’ve been doing effectively via video calls for years.

While we do allow you to buy sessions at a time, we will present you with an estimate for our complete care. We sell solutions, not quick fixes that don’t last. Most people’s solution requires months of work and more than a few sessions of guidance. 

The cost of a initial consultation (Discovery Session) is very low so you can have all your questions answered. We will be able to give an estimate for your program at that session.

All in client interactions start with a Discovery Session/ Consultation so you can ask questions and get an estimate before we start work.

Discovery Session

30 Minutes – $29 – Book here


oblique strain exercise therapy

DIY Programs


Web-based Guides

We take all the things we do throughout a 12 week in-person or virtual program and provide video instruction on how to carry out each week of rehab. These guides cover first aid, building support, strength, and finally returning to normal life again! 

Our 12 week programs start at $199.


A variety of injury specific webinars were created to educate you on possible causes, symptoms, and potential diagnosis.


We’ve developed eBooks to better educate our customers. The more they understand their body and pain, the better prepared they’ll be for a rehab program. 

You can find a list of all of our ebooks below which are all mobile-friendly.