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Think drugs are the only way to reduce your lower back pain?
6 Powerful Exercises
To Reduce lower back pain
A must have for anyone dealing with lower back pain. In this short book, we illustrate 6 exercises to help you manage your issues using the M.A.P. a LOAD framework.
For our patients
"Finding the right chiropractor with a sports emphasis can be confusing. Performance Place Sports Care is where athletes send their family to get care because they understand that it’s all about getting back to doing what you love - from performing at a high level in your sport to enjoying your time with friends and family, pain free."
  • Sebastian & Dawne
Expectations when you come see us
  • More than 50% Improvement within 4-6 sessions in most cases
  • We only use High Reward / Low Risk Treatments
  • No Ridiculous Long-term Treatment Plans
  • More Attention with a Skilled Clinician
  • No Bone Cracking Required to Feel Good
  • No Quackery - We Only Use Current Evidence-Informed Methods
The performance place team
Dr. Sebastian Gonzales founded Performance Place Sports Care over 10 years ago, growing it to become one of the most successful sports chiropractic offices in Orange County. Dr. Dawne Costantino joined forces in 2019 and the duo have been helping customers of all walks improve their quality of life and perform better as athletes.
When they're not helping customers, they're creating content on various rehab topics to educate people on their bodies. You can also find Dr. Gonzales on, where he has been published numerous times.
Educational Content
We believe in educating our patients about their injuries and showing them the latest evidence-based methods to rehab their condition. Our chiropractors use non-surgical methods such as corrective exercises, physiotherapy, active release techniques (ART), strength training, and when appropriate, chiropractic adjustments.
There is a good chance that we have created detailed content pertaining to your specific injury. Between our articles, podcast episodes, free webinars, and books, you can find educational information to help you better understand your condition.
Books for injury Education
We offer a wide variety of educational materials to help you better understand your injury, pain, discomfort, and recovery options.
There is no reason to have long-term issues with your injury and/or pain. Get educated today!
Evergreen webinars on a variety of injury areas with the goal of helping you better understand the driver of the issue and care options we use to help with recovery.
Over 50 articles to help you better understand specific injuries, symptoms, and courses of care.
Restoring Human Movement Podcast
Over 250 searchable episodes for detailed discussions on a variety of injury, rehab, and diagnosis topics for consumers and clinicians.
Web-based video Rehab guides
We understand that not everyone can access virtual or in-person care, so we’ve carefully designed web-based video rehab programs for a variety of areas.
If you can’t come see our Costa Mesa Chiropractors, these web-based guides are perfect for you. Our detailed instructions and weekly format helps you apply what we do in our clinic from wherever you live.
How is performance Place’s treatment of lower back pain different?
We developed the Performance Place
5 Step Recovery Process.
Step 1: Accurate Diagnosis
We start your recovery journey by getting insight into an accurate diagnosis. Our skilled doctors rule in and rule out all of the diagnoses Dr. Google may have scared you into thinking you have. 🙂
Step 2: First-Aid
We use unique first-aid stretches to reduces pain radically within a single session. You should be very impressed (in most situations).
Step 3: Supportive Exercises
Rather than giving you a list of random therapy exercises, these corrective exercises are based on the mechanics of your diagnosis. They are low risk/ high reward, leaving you feeling looser than any sports massage could provide. Yes, we are sports chiropractors but we are excellent at coaching exercise therapy!
Step 4: Loading
Loading the body allows you to return to what you love. Reducing pain is important, but we all want to return to our formal selves. This is why humanity was always searched for the Fountain of Youth! Our rehabilitation therapy can help you feel younger again.
Step 5: Movement Variability Training
Movement is medicine. Avoiding movement can result in more pain (physical and mental) in the future. Allow us to take you through the Performance Place 5 Step Recovery System so you can live life unrestricted. Play with kids, hit a baseball, sprint… all is possible!
Frequently asked questions
Is a chiropractor a real doctor?
Chiropractors have professional degrees called a DC. DC stands for “Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.” Yes chiropractors are doctors of musculoskeletal health, as dentists are licensed doctors of dentistry.
How many sessions are required per week?
The frequency of your sessions is dependent on a few variables. How much pain are you in? How old is the injury? How much help do you want? At the conclusion of your 1st session, we can make a more accurate estimate of how many session (and how long) we recommend for your situation.
Do I need a referral to see you?
No. Performance Place Sports Care has its own medical staff who can diagnose and recommend medical treatment, rehabilitation, stretches, exercises, and modifications. Our Medical Exercises Specialist can assist in coaching corrective exercises, stretches, mobility exercises and strength building exercises around the current condition you have. The only reasons you may be referred out is for advanced medical imaging or secondary consultations.
What conditions can you treat?
The most common conditions we help people with are: disc herniations, disc degeneration, sciatica, hip impingement, sports hernias and adductor strains. However we see many people with the following with a very high success rate: strained rhomboid, cervical disc herniation, pinched nerves in neck, shoulder impingement and numbness of the hand.
Do I need surgery?
While we do not have surgeons on staff, urgent surgical consultation is required if there is a rapid decrease in strength, change of bowel/ bladder function (in association with onset of pain), or excessive numbness (between thighs or in multiple limbs). Surgery is reserved to address rapid function degradation. High levels of pain is not an indication of surgical need. We can help resolve pain and restore function in many types of conditions. If we feel you may need surgery we will tell you quickly.
Is a virtual telehealth session just as good as coming in person?
There is no substitute for coming in person. We can perform all physical and orthopedic examinations in person with better accuracy. Virtual assessment still provides a significant amount of information to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. The value of a trained eye is overlooked in rehabilitation and sports medicine. Yet a trained eye evaluating movements can be as (if not more) useful as an MRI or Xray. If your movements created the problem, assessing and correcting movement is a logical first step. Virtually we can do that.
Are the web-based rehab guides effective?
As stated before, there is no substitute for coming in person, but, our rehab programs - whether in-person, virtually one-on-one, or our DIY rehab guides - are conducted with movement-based corrections. This means we don’t have to physically touch you to help you get better. Because of this, we are able to create DIY Rehab Guides for a fraction of the cost and reach more people who may not have access to a qualified health professional.
What types of back pain do we treat?
  • Disc Herniations
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Non-Specific Lower Back Pain
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Right Side Lower Back & Sciatica
  • Left Side Lower Back & Sciatica
  • Hip With Lower Back
Do I need to have a chiropractic adjustment?
No, “cracking” your spine is not required to feel better using the Performance Place 5 Step Recovery System. We have many treatment approaches that we can use to accomplish the reduction of pain (and restoration of function) you’ve read about in our online reviews. “Cracks” are not required to feel better. Not all Costa Mesa chiropractors requires spinal adjustments to help you feel pain-free again.
My MRI shows _______________, can you help?
MRIs can help our Costa Mesa chiropractor identify the root cause of your pain, yet the results of an MRI do not give us all of the information. The only way to identify the root cause is if you allow us to examine you. We will perform a VERY comprehensive exam, that can complement your MRI or X-ray findings. Within this examination, we stress test your joints, muscles, discs, and tendons to identify the cause of your symptoms. If we can not help you, we will let you know on your first visit.
How are you different from my PT?
Physical Therapists can be a great resource, however, we receive a lot of patients who’ve tried PT unsuccessfully for years before they come to us to find the solution. Our methods aren’t cookie cutter.
How do I know if I have Sciatica?
Burning or tingling down the leg. Weakness, numbness, or a hard time moving the leg or foot. A constant pain on one side of the rear. A shooting pain that makes it hard to stand up.
Don’t just take our word for it
This is the best gift I have ever received. I have my life back.
Looking for a back pain specialist? I have done the research for you. I conducted extensive research into the leading science, research & practitioners for back pain. My research led me to Dr. Gonzalez. Only a few specialists offer the kind of rehabilitation program he does. Only a few percent of back pain sufferers engage in this type of program, and yet it has the highest success rate of all attempts to recover. (If you're curious, read the book "Crooked" or Stuart McGill's books on back pain).
I did this extensive research because I thought my life was over. I had seen dozens of specialists, had many different medications, interventions, diagnoses, and spent thousands of dollars. A week before I visited Dr. Gonzalez I couldn't walk further than a few meters without pain and had intermittent excruciating pain for 18 months. (...)
A week before I visited Dr. Gonzalez I couldn't walk further than a few meters without pain and had intermittent excruciating pain for 18 months.
He spent 2 hours diagnosing me comprehensively. Then, predicting (correctly) what would make me feel more and less pain. Finally, I know that I have nerve compression on the left-hand side of my body.
Within one week, I am off all drugs and know-how to switch the nerve pain off in a few minutes, I am squatting, and power walking at least a mile every day. This is the best gift I have ever received. I have my life back.
I am writing this review for others. Anyone with back pain who lives anywhere near this facility, GO! Dr. Gonzalez's knowledge is honestly unparalleled. I recommend him to everyone I know.
Claire W.
Los Angeles
I am Deadlifting Again with Zero Pain!
Highly recommend visiting Performance Place if you're experiencing any body ailments or injury related pain. Sebastian does a tremendous job at understanding the full picture and then designing either a program, exercises, or rehab care specific to you. In my experience, most places could only "treat" my issue whereas Sebastian seemed to "fix" it, or at least allow me to move forward.
For example, he taught and tweaked my form so I could get back to performing modified deadlifts with zero pain, something I wasn't able to fix elsewhere, for well over a year. I have some more obstacles to work through and I'm looking forward to continuing my progression with Sebastian.
John Stanley
Orange County
I can sit all day without pain!
Dr. Sebastian,
I must report that I'm amazed at how I've been feeling since starting your treatment.
I couldn't start it until Sunday but I've been religiously doing what you taught me. With only a few days of the exercises and treatment, I was able to sit in my office chair almost the entirety of the day today in zero pain! This doesn't typically happen unless I take aleve. I didn't even notice how comfortable I was all day.
I still feel the pain when I bend over and I'm definitely still doing the choreography when putting on shoes or pants, but I'm very excited about being able to sit in a chair without pain. I'm typically in pain after about 20 minutes of sitting so this is huge to go all day.
I'm excited to continue the healing process. Thanks so much!!
Tiffany Warren
Los Angeles
I was competing again in just 4 days!
Dr. Sebastian has literally changed my life this past year. I feel so lucky to have found him while training in LA this past winter. He treated any injury I had and prevented countless more from ever happening. I’m training 25+ hours a week for track and field (my event is heptathlon) and I was constantly having something nagging at me in my knee and hip areas. I first went to him after suffering an injury to my hip flexor. I thought I was going to be off training for weeks yet four days after seeing him I was running full out again and competing in meets two weeks later.
Sebastian did an assessment of me and then used his skill and coaching to treat me with exercises which balanced out my muscles and stabilized my motions. Besides the injury I went to him to treat, other almost chronic pain I’d had for months disappeared. I got much stronger and faster under his care and this was basically a by-product of him getting my body to utilize muscle groups better and adapt to certain movements better. Unfortunately, my career in track has me pushing the limits of performance and when you do this, injuries can still happen. I suffered a leg injury late in the track season this year.
By this time I had moved back to Vancouver and I visited four different doctors and experts here to try to figure out what the issue was. No one could solve it and six weeks later I was still not able to run. I called Sebastian and he gave me some exercises to try as an alternative to the treatment I was getting here and ten days later I was back on the track training again. Next time I get hurt I’m getting on a plane immediately to fly back and see him. There is no one more capable and no one who is a finer person than Dr. Sebastian Gonzales. Many Thanks!
Jordan Hall