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Injuries are a part of sports. Your current one probably feels like it will never go away right?

Could this be the one that ends your sporting career?

Here’s a little tough love for you.

You can beat the injury or you can let it beat you.

If you want my assistance in overcoming the injury you have a few choices. Click the one that best fits you.

#1: I’m frustrated and will do anything to get better. I live in Southern CA


#2: I want you to assist me but but I don’t live in Southern CA


#3: I want to learn more about my diagnosis before I start my journey to get better.

Unsure if I’m the right person to give you a game plan?

Listen to my podcast or read my educational section. You’re going to love the quality of information on both.
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Make sure I’m the right doctor for you.


If you are looking for a Sports Injury Prevention or Sports-Specific Strength and Conditioning Program you have come to the right place… but how you get it is up to you.

You have three options.

If you like live in SoCal, just come in via an appointment. If you live over 50 miles away, you should setup a phone consult or enroll in one of our online courses.

Just click through one of these button to get you there.

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