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Looking to start podcasting too? You need to have good audio… PERIOD.
Here’s a list of what I needed to get started for interviewing one “in-person” interview.
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You will need one of each (I can show you how to set up). This set up will get you through skype calls with nothing else.
Mixing Board
Cable if you are to do phone calls, non-skype
Audio Recorder Roland R-05
Headphone adapter plug

You will need one of each per person for in-person recording:
Mic (Great bang for your buck!)
Mic Stand
Shock Mount
Pop Filter

Headphones (You can use your standard headphones though):

P2PodCast28 – Training Quality of Motion, Warm-ups, & Co-managing Fitness- Roy Khoury

Session 28:
Training Quality of Motion, Warm-ups, & Co-managing Fitness: Roy Khoury. Roy is a good friend and colleague of mine who I have had on the show before, way back before I really committed keeping the show going.

Roy has an extremely logical way of thinking of training for function, not just aesthetics.

In this session, Roy shares what’s built within a fitness program/ workout other than just getting a 6 pack. He says he programs this way because he mainly works with golfers who have the goal to play better, hit harder and prevent injury.

We also go into the concept of co-managing clients with doctors and skills coaches, which we both can credit TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) for teaching us. Stay till the very end and he gives us some life hacks on fitness.

Contact Roy at

P2PodCast27 – WMusculoskeletal Ultrasound Expert Mike Jablon “See your injury”

Session 27:
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Expert Mike Jablon “See your injury without an MRI or X-ray”. If you have spoken with me personally about clinical topics over the last 4 years you would know I love Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK or MSUS). In fact, I bought one for my clinic and unlike many doctors who would buy it to have someone else take the images, I actually learned how to do it.


Because it was so cool!

I could actually see exactly what I was treating or I would see what cases I needed to refer out. I was and still am blown away by how detailed MSK is. Mike was the guy who taught me. He recommended I start with the Jon Jacobson Book on Ultrasound. You can find that HERE.

MSK is a very underused but very accurate method of imaging injuries. Do you have a shoulder, knee, ankle, hip or groin injury? Can’t get access to an MRI? Desperate to see what’s wrong? Ultrasound can see a rotator cuff tear, meniscal tear, or a tendonitis within a minute or 2. Learn all about it here.

Here’s is the extensive article I wrote on Musculoskeletal Ultrasound through this link

Contact Mike Jablon at

P2PodCast26 – Weight Loss, Back Pain and Fear Avoidance- Personal Story of Crystal Campero BA, CPT

Session 26:
Crystal is a good friend of mine and has gone through an epic physical transformation over the last year. See how she did it while having a back injury and past ACL repair. She will be giving some tips and suggestions for your success.

Contact her [email protected]

P2PodCast25: A Leg Pain Case Brainstorm

Session 25:
I have a variety of different types of injuries coming through my office every week. This one was interesting on a few fronts. Sciatica into both legs (over the past few years), fear avoidance and learn why an MRI could be needed to rule out other conditions.

In reality, if this sounds like what you or a friend has you should see a doctor extremely soon as it could be something more serious than you think. Visit our site for references on this session

P2PodCast24: Overcoming Injuries with Paralympian Billy Lister

Session 24:
I have known Billy for the last 3-4 years as a patient but now after his care with me completed I see him as a friend. When he came to me we were treated conditions he sustained from running. If you could see his running mechanics you would understand why he changed to only cycling. I don’t say this to bash on his running ability but more from an “is it worth it” standpoint. He is an extremely competitive guy and as we spoke we found cycling would be a better sport for him to excel without repeated injury.

Billy is an incredible cyclist and you’ll hear the story of how he smoked me when only really having one functional leg. Billy goes over is story of having a stroke at the age of 17 and continued on to have a professional cycling career. He has ups and down along the way… very inspiring.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @billylisteriii

P2PodCast23: Regenerative Cell Therapy with Dr. Goswami

Session 23:
Considering surgery? Don’t jump the gun!

Regenerative Cell Therapy could be what you need instead. Dr. Goswami from has come on the show to tell us more. I met Dr Goswami from a patient we have in common. When I originally consulted the patient (let’s call him Joe), I turned him away. Joe had extreme loss of hip range of motion, possible labral tearing, and overall I felt the time he would spend with me would be a waste of time and money.

Joe found Dr. G all on his own and had Regenerative Cell Therapy.

A year later Joe came back into my office and I examined him. Holy heck, what a change in range of motion. It was like night and day, so I ended up rehabbing him. My estimation today is that he has improved well over 75%. That’s a lot for a possible hip replacement case.

I had to meet Dr. G and get him on the show. Let’s get to the questions you may not remember to ask your doctor at your appointment.

P2PodCast22: Nutritional Tips and Advise from Jenn Zerling

Session 22:
Nutritional Tips and Advice from Jenn Zerling MS, CPT from

Jenn goes over the glycemic index for eating habits and some other advice for how to beat your genetics and stay healthy.

Visit our site for references on this session

P2PodCast21 – Knee OsteoArthitis Suggestions

Session 21:

Have a creaky knee?

Wondering what you could do?

Wonder what caused it?

Could it be arthritis?

I go over some of these points and some theory of how we could combat knee osteoarthritis. Visit our site for references on this session

P2PodCast20 – To Ice or not to Ice

Session 20: Is Icing an injury really that helpful? Listen to this session and I’ll go over some current research on why we should reconsider icing altogether. Visit our site for references on this session

P2PodCast19: Why are you not learning anything at therapy

Session 19: In this session I go through the possible reasons you could not be learning anything at your current therapy office. Is there miscommunication? Does your therapist not care? Do you not care enough? We go through it all. Our sites

P2PodCast19: Why are you not learning anything at therapy

Session 19: In this session I go through the possible reasons you could not be learning anything at your current therapy office. Is there miscommunication? Does your therapist not care? Do you not care enough? We go through it all. Our sites

P2PodCast18: Masters Track Achilles Injury

Session 18: In this session I speak about a Masters track athlete with an Achilles injury. I performed a Diagnostic Ultrasound on his ankle to find if he should run in an upcoming event. I’ll go over his mindset, his past rehab and his risk/ reward of running in the near future. Our sites

P2PodCast17: I Evaluate my own MRI

Session 17: In this session I dig deep and read off my low back MRI from when I sustained a back injury at the age of 16. I was playing baseball at the time. You may be interested in the MRI findings and how I feel now. I define the terms you could find on your own MRI as well. Our sites

P2PodCast16: Shoulder Pain with Posterior Chain Weakness

Session 16: In this session talk about my neighbor… well he comes in during my podcast to ask a question. He has shoulder pain with rock climbing and surfing but we uncover he has more. He has been ignoring his posterior chain. Our sites

P2PodCast15: The 3 Ps of the Shoulder Complex

In this session, I will go over the 3 types of shoulder complex muscles you need to know about. I repeat you NEED to know in order to understand how to rehab a shoulder. Our sites

P2PodCast14: 5 Phases of Injury Repair

In this session I will go over the 5 phases of healing of a muscle/ tendon. From this you can understand how long you will be down for and what you can do on the timeline from your injury based on theory. Our sites

P2PodCast13: Post Op Hip – Rehab the athlete not the hip

In this session, I will go the concept of rehabbing an athlete vs rehabbing their site of injury. This is from a Youtube comment about a hip injury after a surgery. Our sites

P2PodCast12: Pes Anserine Knee Youtube Video Commentary

In this session, I address a Youtuber’s knee injury she called pea anserine. I have a few more ideas on what it could be and how it can be rehabbed. Our sites

P2PodCast11: Hip Pain Superman Youtube Video Commentary

In this session we cover a comment from a Youtuber who had pain when they attempted our core exercises. The pain was in her hip but the rehab exercise was for the trunk… odd huh! See what I thought as we trouble-shoot. Our sites

P2PodCast10: Hip Injury Marathon Runner – Call in

In this session we will go over a caller’s question.

A marathon runner with a hip injury.

He didn’t know what he could do after his doctors told him to rest. See what I said.

Our site

Session 9: Low Back Recap Concepts – Straight From the Doctor’s Mouth

In this session, we will go over Low Back Injuries and philosophy of rehab.

This is a conversation I have with all of my back pain clients. Understanding back pain critical.

We will also be going over some rehab that is safe for certain types of back injuries.

Our site

Session 8: Video Recap: Infraspinatus Injury Comment Q & A

In this session, we will go over a comment I received from the Performance Place® Youtube Channel.The video was about an Infraspinatus Injury.

The infraspinatus is a rotator cuff muscle and the region is often sore with overhead athletes, however it can be more than just a muscle injury. We will be brainstorming what else could be causing shoulder pain as well as some rehab ideas.

Our site

Session 7: Video Recap: Sport Hernia Injury Comment Q & A

In this session we go over the Sports Hernia.

Sports Hernias are complicated to say the least. Sports Hernias are more common than you think. Learn about how to identify the signs of one in this episode.

I will have another podcast on Sports Hernias to come in the future since I am writing an authority article on the topic.

Our site

Session 6: Video Recap: IT Band Injury Comment Q & A

In this session, we will go over a comment I received from the Performance Place® Youtube Channel. The video was about an IT Band Injury (aka the Iliotibial Band).

IT Band Friction Syndrome is a huge topic and will not be completely covered in this podcast. It would take hours to dive into all of the information surrounding the area.

Our site is

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