Available On-Demand Webinars

You’re likely here because you’re experiencing an issue with your lower back, hip flexor, hamstring, IT band, sciatica, or SI Joint. You may not actually know if it is in fact those regions, and that’s ok. This is meant to be educational and I promise you the information in these videos is going to be some of the best content you’ll find on the internet for these issues.

In these on-demand videos, we will be sharing information about those potential aches and pains to help you better understand your own body. We chose these specific regions because we’re experts at treating them – in-person, virtually, or via our web-based DIY guides. 

We will be asking you to try  movements during these webinars, so please be prepared to do so and give yourself enough space in your surroundings.

By the end of the webinar, you should know if our programs (In Office, Virtual / Telehealth, or Web-based Guides) are the right rehab program for you. Whether you’re ready for rehab or not, this is going to be critical information to help you make that decision. 

Disclaimer: Please always see a qualified and trusted medical professional. 

groin pain associated sports hernia pain

Real Results

“I am so relieved to find your sports medicine team and webinars. I have been in PT for months and no one told me these things. I have done the first level as described in the webinar and I must say it has made a difference. Dr Sebastian and Dawn are simply  amazing. I thank you for what you do!”    – Kathline Shah