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Warning: This Roadmap for Eradicating Lower Back Pain Will Blow Your Mind (and Transform Your Life)

Have you visited countless chiropractors and other specialists, without any real relief from your lower back pain? Have you resigned yourself to seeing pain as a “fact of life?” Is your pain keeping you from hitting the court, the field or the track?

Then get ready for a complete gamechanger.

In my new book, I’ll show you a proven framework for reducing your lower back pain. These methods have been clinically tested at my clinic, Performance Place Sports Care. And when I say “clinically tested,” I mean they’re helping athletes of all kinds get back to what they love. Are you ready to leave behind expensive, failed therapies and ​really ​reduce your lower back pain? It all starts with an open mind, a willingness to listen to your body and a solid roadmap. That last part? It’s in my ebook. Hit “order now” to start leaving lower back pain behind.

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Six Powerful Exercises. One Proven Framework. So Many Easy Wins.

Through my decades in sports recovery, I’ve seen how lower back pain can affect people physically, mentally and emotionally. (If you’re an athlete like I am, you know how frustrating it feels to have pain keep you from doing what you love.)

That’s why I packed this book with the most actionable information possible. This isn’t a “read it and forget it” guide. It’s a framework you can implement TODAY to get on the road to recovery.

Experience the MAP a LOAD framework (plus six proven exercises):

  • Modify

    Modify your pain: ​Unload the sensitive tissues and find what your spine likes with exercises that you can do from home.

  • Activate

    Activate the support system​ with the Birddog and other exercises that unlock hip mobility, loosen your hamstrings and make flare-ups less probable. (Note: not situps or Russian twists)!

  • Pattern

    Pattern Movements: ​Use pain as your asset to pattern movements before building strength within your body

These three gamechangers are stepping stones to the final stage in your recovery: adding a load. This stage isn’t included in your book because performing that step too soon will result in failure. (But when you’ve progressed through the three steps above, you can ​learn all about adding a load here​.) Remember, designing your roadmap is the first step to a successful recovery. That’s exactly why I made it the focus of your ebook.

See that button below? In a single click, you’ll be on your way to easy wins.

I Know This Works Because I’ve Been in Your Shoes

Ever since my second bout of back pain in my 30s, I’ve been determined to make recovery from lower back pain possible for everyone. I’d love to say I “fix” people. But in reality, all I do is guide them to the solution their body is looking for. Because all that most people need to get where they want to be—out of pain and active again—is the right guide.

As your trusted guide, it’s my job to only recommend the best possible resources for you. This book is one of them. Taking the time to read it now could spare you months, or even years, of suffering that keeps you from doing what you love.

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Once you create a recovery roadmap with your new book, take the next step on my clinic’s website. We’ll show you everything you need to know about “a LOAD” (and help you bust through every recovery plateau).

Remember, in most situations, it’s possible to get out of pain in two weeks or less. You just need a guide who can suggest the right thing at the right time with your specific condition.

Get started today with this ebook.

Until next time, Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, DC, CCSP®, CSCS, RMSK

What people are saying

  • Looking for a back pain specialist? I have done the research for you. I conducted extensive research into the leading science, research & practitioners for back pain. My research led me to Dr. Gonzalez. Only a few specialists offer the kind of rehabilitation program he does. Only a few percent of back pain sufferers engage in this type of program, and yet it has the highest success rate of all attempts to recover.

    Claire Kravette
  • Dr. Sebastian changed my life. He is really amazing at what he does, and uses movement as his main therapy. What is awesome is that he shows you WHY you are in pain. He will critically assess and implement a plan that allows you to have full control OUTSIDE of the clinic, and not just rely on passive treatments. I am beyond grateful for Sebastian, he has given me the knowledge and confidence to train without fear and most importantly, pain free!

    Jeremy Dinkin