5 Steps Of Patient Care Series – ALL 6 – The Clinician’s Guide


5 Steps Of Patient Care Series – ALL 6 Workshops- The Clinician’s Guide

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This guide is perfect for chiropractor, physical therapist, strength coaches and trainer who are fans of the Restoring Human Movement Podcast and would like to improve their clinical reasoning.

This product is a web-based video series that covers over 15 hours of content. It is not available for download and can only be found on this website.

You will get access to all 6 modules: Hip, Shoulder, Lower Back, Neck, Upper Referrals, & Lower Referrals.

Each includes discussions of common regional pathology, effective treatments, exam flows, dynamic tests, and how to progress someone through corrective and loaded exercises.

Learn an easy to follow step-by-step process of how to program care for a patient from examination, ddx, correctives and loading swiftly.

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