The Secrets to Resolving Hand Numbness

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A step-by-step guide to resolving hand numbness due to ulnar nerve entrapment.

This guide is mobile friendly so you can read and watch the videos directly from your phone or tablet. 

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night because you couldn’t feel your pinky or ring finger? If this has happened to you, you may suffer from issues with your ulnar nerve. But the good news is, there’s a simple solution for you! Introducing the Secrets to Resolving Hand Numbness! 

This one-of-a-kind guide shows you exactly how to help rid yourself of ulnar nerve numbness! The guide was written to help young clinicians diagnose and treat their patients, then we discovered that ulnar nerve problems are everywhere! And not everyone has access to the proper care needed to stop the numbness forever. That’s when we decided to make this guide public! 

Now you can stop your ulnar nerve pain in the comfort of your own home! If your doctor has told you your ulnar nerve is what’s causing you problems, then you need this affordable guide to ending your pain!

Check out the Secrets to Resolving Hand Numbness today!


8 reviews for The Secrets to Resolving Hand Numbness

  1. Alec (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! I first couldn’t believe how efficient the exercises in this product are. In one package deal, I learned about the essence of my issue, learned how to mitigate my symptoms and how to reduce the likelyhood that they reocure altogether. The content is delivered in a way so that I was easy for me to understand the information, that would have otherwise been to complex for me.

    I strongly encourage people to give this product a shot for I believe it has a great potential to help people dealing with hand numbness, as I used to. That’s pretty much it, I don’t know of anything similar. To me, it is a no-brainer!

  2. Levi A (verified owner)

    Just wanted to thank you for putting out this resource as well as your youtube videos. In short, I am a classical pianist and also work a desk job, and became very frightened when I began having numbness in 4th and 5th fingers of right hand. I’ve since visited regular Chiropractor and determined a lot of the issues stem from the neck. Treatment is ongoing but much better now and after 3 weeks I am able to play without issue once more.

    It means a lot that I was able to find your ebook and allay fears about severity of issue I was having. Thanks again!

  3. Katherine Pfeffer (verified owner)

    I thank you for creating and making this information available! I was under a local Chiropractor’s care and his treatments and exercises were very helpful to me. In addition I wanted more knowledge to continue correcting and strengthening my arms and hands after the initial injury that resulted in my hand numbness. I found Performance Place through an internet search and have been very pleased with the information and exercises that Dr. Gonzales includes in this guide.

  4. Amanda Latona (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating this content for hand numbness. I purchased it 5 months postpartum. I started to feel numbness in the ring and pinky finger, but a lot of things were also aching in my upper body. I was really interested in elbow pain, but came across this guide. I did a few of the exercises and within a week, I didn’t feel the pain come back. It would come and go, but now it’s gone. I am now almost 1yr postpartum and I haven’t experienced any numbness.

    When I did have my finger numbness it would radiate to the ulnar side of my elbow would be in great pain and it would be difficult to grip. I sometimes get soreness in that area, but not to the level of what it was a few months ago. Still to this day I am not sure what triggered it, but I am glad I was able to feel better.

  5. Mike Chavez (verified owner)

    I am grateful for this book and look forward to getting better. Mike C.

  6. Nitesh Goel (verified owner)

    I think this guide may be the reason I don’t need to get a surgery for my ulnar nerve compression.

    I had been dealing with pinky finger pain and numbness for weeks. I sought a lot of professional help, including seeing doctors at some well known hospitals. But their prescription of resting, icing, stretching, and a fistful of Advils did little to reduce my pain.

    Literally the first two movements in the guide brought me relief. It was pretty shocking for me just how well they understood what I was going through. I have been following the guidelines for a few weeks. I’m making tremendous progress towards recovery.

    The guide’s well written and easy to follow. Sebastian and Dawne have a talent for explaining exercises using cues from everyday movements we do anyway. It makes it easy to do them right without supervision.

    The instructions are also funny sometimes, which I enjoyed. Though, I would like to talk to Sebastian at some point about his vocal disdain for the metric system.

  7. Gary Guianen Jr (verified owner)

    I’ve been experiencing pinky and ring finger numbness for quite some time now. It started with my shoulder hurting real bad. Shortly thereafter,the numbness came. I had hand and finger coordination problems. I even had alot of muscle wasting in the web part between my pointer and thumb. It’s actually pretty caved in there. Since I am a veteran,I reached out to the VA hospital system and 6 months later,the same problem,not much better at all. Then I came across this guide and I finally felt there was some hope to get my hand back! I’m in my first week on the exercises. I’ve got to say that so far,it feels as if my hand is becoming freer to use. I’ve done research and I found that this condition is like having an extremely tight glove on. I’m beginning to feel as if it’s a less tighter glove on now than before. I’m going to continue to do the exercises and hopefully the progress continues. My gratitude to Doctor Gonzales for giving us hope to have faith in something that actually works!

  8. Thien Nguyen (verified owner)

    I went to a family doctor but all she told me was not to do what I describe to her but with no corrective exercises. I have the number 3. I feel better immediately after doing it for 2 hours of buying this product. I will updates on my remedy 1 month from now.

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