Product Summary

A web-based guide that takes you through our field-tested hamstring recovery process. 

This carefully designed guide with video exercises sets your body up for the 4 stages of recovery so that you don’t have a relapse. Successful recovery is when your mind and body can avoid the mental and physical toll of an injury returning shortly after recovery.

Here’s how the program is broken down:


Weeks 1 – 2  Cool Down

During the first 3 weeks, we’ll identify the first-aid exercises that will help you control the pain. Knowing how to “cool things down” is an important part of recovery beyond the first 2 weeks.

Weeks 3 – 6  Building Support

These 4 weeks will focus on the support systems and “stiffening” your torso. 

Weeks 7-10  Building Strength

During these 4 weeks, we’ll turn up the juice and start to build strength.

Weeks 11 – 12  Return to Life!

Finally, we’ll work our way into a form that allows us to return to normal  life.


True recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to listen to your body, know how to “cool things down” when you have a flare up, and most importantly, understand that building strength is the key to long-term success!

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