Product Summary

Are you dealing with groin pain that comes across the front of your hip at the crease? This hip program has been carefully designed to guide you through a 4 step rehab structure with videos for all exercises.

You may have been told you have hip impingement, or that you might need a hip replacement later in life, or even an angry hip flexor.

The movement based exercises in this guide are not strenuous and you’ll know right away what works and what doesn’t.

Who This Guide is For 

People Experiencing the Following:


  • An ache in your hip flexor and sit bone
  • Worsens when sitting
  • Resting doesn’t help long-term
  • Stretching doesn’t work
  • Running causes aggravation

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish

Structure of Program

Each phase is meant to prepare you for the next phase, so it’s important that you focus on the process and allow your body to “rebuild” itself week-to-week. 


Stage 1 –  Cool Down

During the first 3 weeks, we’ll identify the first-aid exercises that will help you control the pain. Knowing how to “cool things down” is an important part of recovery beyond the first 2 weeks.


Stage 2 – Building Support

These 4 weeks will focus on the support systems and “stiffening” your torso.


Stage 3 – Building Strength

During these 4 weeks, we’ll turn up the juice and start to build strength, which is a critical aspect to preventing reinjury.


Stage 4 – Return to Life!

Finally, we’ll work our way into a form that allows us to return to normal  life.


It’s not uncommon for people to feel anywhere between 25 – 50% improvement after the first few weeks. Over the course of this program, the goal is to teach you how to cool down the discomfort and build your strength back up so you can return to normal life.

  1. Michael Jorgensen
    January 24, 2022

    As a long-time sufferer of hip pain I wasn’t totally shocked to finally learn that I was dealing with FAI and OA, but as a stubborn active 65 year old I wasn’t quite ready to give in to a hip replacement. Scouring the web for conservative treatment options I eventually discovered Performance Place Sports Care & Chiropractic, coming to a conclusion that their content is better than all the others. I purchased the Hip & Groin program, along with a tele-health session with Dr. Sebastian – a person who can spot all sorts of subtle movements even over an iPhone. I have found the program to be exactly what I was looking for – it is truly amazing! On a recent hike my hip suddenly locked up, resulting in a great deal of pain. Not knowing what else to do I resorted to a move Dr. Sebastian taught me, one that he had categorized as ‘first aid’, a variant of the child’s pose that he called ‘frog breathing’. After performing this move along with a stretch that Dawne had demonstrated in one of their videos I was pleased and surprised to discover that I could continue my walk again without pain! I was totally amazed!! The exercises outlined for me are quite unique and not like anything I have ever done before, but incredibly effective. I am now convinced more than ever of their validity, and am performing them with even more passion. Outstanding!

  2. Jill Gonzales
    January 6, 2022

    I’ve done other online programs before, so I had some concerns before I purchased this one. Since I haven’t been leaving the house a lot lately, I thought a home program was my best choice (even though I live within a drive from Performance Place). I’m not an athlete, I enjoy working out with weights, and going on walks with my dog.

    I wanted to know more details before I bought anything. The last thing I needed was to get something I’ve already tried before, so I called the office. 

    The intern who answered the phone was very nice and suggested I speak with Dawne or Sebastian about the program over a Zoom first. That next day I Zoomed with Dawne for 30 minutes, which is all I needed to address my concerns. I started the program that week.

    The most challenging part is in week 1, when you have to pick the correct “first-aid” exercise. I’ve never considered using pain as a tool in this selection process. Intriguing methods I must say! I must have picked right because I felt 50% better within a week. I was able to walk my dog without my groin aching. I could put on my shoes and I started back to my day to day life.

    The exercises in the program were more challenging than I’ve seen in other programs. There is not a ton of stretching in the program. My Favorite exercise is the hard plank!

    Thank you for putting this together. I never would have found it without the Youtube video!

  3. Zachary King
    December 30, 2019

    My wife has been dealing with groin pain for years. We tried adjustments, soft tissue work, stretches, and massages that will briefly relieve the pain but nothing has been a long term fix. When we got this guide, we were very surprise on how through it was. This guide covers a lot of different hip problems and how to approach each of them. After the first week, my wife groin pain significantly decrease! We are on the 3rd week and she is pain free! I highly recommend this guide for anyone who has been dealing with hip and/or groin pain. It is worth it!

    Thank you Dr. Gonzales!

  4. Bartosz Gabrylewicz
    December 27, 2019

    I have had a limitation on my left hip proper range of motion of flexion because of some kind of block in my groin for quite long time and tried many things like stretches, seeing PT’s in my neighborhood etc. Nothing has helped me. I’ve come across Dr Gonzales Instagram by accident and at that time he was looking for people to check that guide. After seeing some of his work I decided to give it a try(to be true I thought it would be another failure). The guide is clearly written with a step by step instructions how to do some excersises that are supposed to help with that issue. I was really surprised that first signs of longer term improvement showed just after 1st week. Later the progress was not as fast as before but right now I seem to have no problem with that hip anymore. I really suggest to try this guide before wasting your money and time on some miraculous stretches and mediocre PT’s.

  5. K O
    December 22, 2019

    Dr. Gonzales has curated the best online resources to alleviate hip and groin pain. He has also included a provider list to get you the right diagnosis. The guide is easy to follow and gives you the tools to move through the different stages leading to pain free movement.

  6. Dr. Sebastian Gonzales
    December 6, 2019

    Daniel, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m grateful! Sebastian

  7. Daniel Charlat
    December 6, 2019

    Very solid guide through and through. Dr. Gonzales covers many aspects of hip and groin pain and how to evaluate yourself. There’s nothing like a caring doc that spends time putting out resources for you to manage your own pain. Thank you!
    PS: this is cheaper than a visit to a doc, most of which are not experts in neuromuscular skeletal disorders like dr. Gonzales, and this will hopefully help you like it helped me

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