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4 Week Web-Based Video Guide Takes You Through Step 1 Of The IT Band Recovery Process.

This carefully designed video course sets up your body for the next steps of recovery so that you don’t have a relapse. Successful recovery is when your mind and body can avoid the mental and physical toll of an injury returning shortly after recovery. This is the first step to that attainable goal!

Note: Do not purchase this guide if you ONLY have pin-point pain on the outer aspect of the knee. According to current research, this guide will work BEST if in individuals with thigh and hip tightness, tension, pain, tingle, or a “problem” in combination with any outer knee pain. Returns due purchasing as an error due to this reason, can be processed minus credit card fees.

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Guide Description

This 12 week video course will take you through some extremely powerful exercises we use for runners and athletes who visit our clinic and want to get back to training.  You’ll get to see it all step-by-step.

How do you know if this video course is perfect for you?

  • Unsuccessful foam rolling, stretching and massage
  • You’ve tried chiropractic adjustments and it didn’t help
  • Your month of PT resulted in your IT Band coming back quickly
  • You want to run an event within the next 3 months and you’re concerned if your ITB will hold up

About The Author

Sebastian Gonzales has been a top sports rehab chiropractor in Costa Mesa, California for the last 10 years. He serves athletes and professionals who simply want to move better and improve the quality of their life.

He also has his own podcast, Restoring Human Movement, where he discusses topics aimed at how to live a pain-free life through proper utilization of human movement.


This guide has been created to guide you the 4 steps of IT Band recovery process. Step 1 is what you probably consider “pain management.” Reduction of pain, or as I like to say “structural sensitivity” is a critical part of the puzzle but it is only step 1.

What you should expect from this guide is a way to reduce (not eliminate pain) through self care. Most people experience a 25-90% reduction of their pain within the 12 week period. If this is what you experience then you should consider this guide a success.

How can you measure success?

You may be able to sit for 45 mins without intense pain, while before you could only sit for 2 minutes.

You may notice you can put your shoes on without an issue, while before you could not.

You may be able to wash dishes, go for walks, start to jog all with minimal issues, yet you’ll experience some recurring pain due to duration or intensity of activity.

You may wonder, why will this guide not take all of my pain away.

The answer is simple. It is only step 1. At the very end of the guide you are well come to continue your journey with our guidance. If you find an even 50% success with this, you are a prime candidate to go through steps 2 as soon as possible.

If you have limited success with this guide, we apologize in advance. It’s not that there is no hope for you. This guide is programmed specific enough, yet general, to help more people. You just may need something more specific.

Believe it or not, there is not one single reason for IT Band regional pain. You are unique and may require some personal attention in programming.

If you are struggling, we have the option of setting up a video call with me (Sebastian) or Dawne at any point DURING or AT THE END of the 4 weeks.

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The guide you’ve purchased is intended for the gungho DIYers out there. It is based upon a very general overview of what works in our clinic, yet as with any DIY project user error is a reality.

The video chat will help you eliminate user error.

Before you start this guide, please read the medical disclaimer.

Now onto the guide.

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Like what you’ve read so far? The last, most important step is to now apply what we covered and utilize the exercise videos. 

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