Oblique Strain 8 Week Video Rehab Course

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Disclaimer: Always see a medical provider who is educated on the issue at hand. This guide is best for those who do not have access to a reputable medical provider. 

What is an Oblique Strain? 

An oblique strain, AKA a side strain injury, is when one of the abdominal muscles (internal or external oblique muscles) becomes frayed, torn or detached. Often times from the lower four ribs, it is painful to breath, cough and laugh. This is treatable, with recovery ranging from weeks to months with the correct treatment plan.

The Basis of this Guide

Not only have I (Sebastian Gonzales) personally had an oblique strain injury – the worst injury of my life – but I navigated through that injury successfully and created this 8 week program based on the things that I did with the help of a coach (doc). 

To understand what you can expect from this guide, watch this introductory video that we include in the paid guide. It helps break down the various components of your torso and WHY people get oblique strains. Once you watch this highly informative video, you’ll know if this 8 week oblique strain guide is right for you. 

We are going to provide guidance and confidence in yourself to overcome your oblique strain. 

All you need is a guide. 

Do not feel discouraged about this injury. There is a path to recovery, whether this guide or in-person professional care. 

1 review for Oblique Strain 8 Week Video Rehab Course

    john lentini (verified owner)

    My points are:

    1. The belly breathing excersises helped me set myself up for the day ahead.
    2. The sensitivity excersise I found for myself was key in resetting my optimism.
    3. The two activities above all else seemed to be the most effective and more so then any other exercise.
    4. The mental guidance on allowing my self to start testing my limits in getting back to trying strenuous activities really helped.
    5. As I started to feel recovery in week 5 I was able to do more activities such as chin ups and at this point my recovery was expordentual

    Overall the I found that the mental support with a pro supporting me through empathy and understanding gave me the confidence and reassurance that I would get back to full recovery.

    Thank you for all your help and support


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