Product Summary

A web-based guide with the most extensive videos and instruction on how to tackle your piriformis and glute problem. This 12 week guide was developed over several years and field-tested with the hundreds of piriformis cases we’ve worked on at our clinic.

If you keep repeating stretches and exercises that only provide temporary relief, stop wasting time. You’re most likely not addressing the root cause of this problem.

More than 95% of piriformis and glute cases we’ve seen at our clinic over the last few years have been treated with specific movement based corrections. This means you don’t need to be physically touched to feel relief. Our movement based exercises can be done anywhere, and they aim to address the root cause of your piriformis issue.

Each week contains videos and explanations that are easy to follow, and can be consumed on any mobile device.

Who This Guide is For 

People Experiencing the Following:


  • A deep ache in your piriformis / glute area
  • Worsens when sitting
  • Stretching doesn’t help
  • Worse when bending forward
  • Hurts when weightlifting
  • Running causes aggravation

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish

Structure of Program

Each phase is meant to prepare you for the next phase, so it’s important that you focus on the process and allow your body to “rebuild” itself week-to-week. 

Weeks 1 – 2  Cool Down

During the first 3 weeks, we’ll identify the first-aid exercises that will help you control the aches and discomforts. Knowing how to “cool things down” is an important part of recovery beyond the first 2 weeks.

Weeks 3 – 6  Building Support

These 4 weeks will focus on the support systems and “stiffening” your torso. 

Weeks 7-10  Building Strength

During these 4 weeks, we’ll turn up the juice and start to build strength.

Weeks 11 – 12  Return to Life!

Finally, we’ll work our way into a form that allows us to return to normal  life.

Requirements for Success

  • 30 – 60 minutes of exercise per day
  • + 60 minutes of walking (recommended)
  • 3 to 5 days a week


Things You’ll Need Which Are Not Included

Equipment Requirements

  • Something weighted
    • Kettlebell
    • Detergent Bottle
    • Backpack with heavy things in it
  • Glute Resistance Band (Week 8)
    • Recommended:

Why You Should Trust Us

Performance Place Sports Care clinic was started by Sebastian Gonzales over 12 years ago in Orange County, California. Today, we maintain a solid 5-star review across Google and Yelp. Additionally our educational videos on Youtube get millions of views each year.

When Sebastian isn’t working with customers, he spends time researching and attending seminars to stay up to date on the latest methods of treatment.

Read the full bio for Sebastian Gonzales here.

  1. Lenka Schroeder
    October 22, 2020

    I had this mysterious piriformis pain just laying in bed on my right side. Just from walking and sitting. I stumbled across Dr. Gonzalez video on line. I’m so glad I did. I didn’t realize I was over stretching my hip muscles without isolating the problem. Very grateful for Dr Gonzalez specific understanding of referred pain. The exercises got me back to no pain in honestly less than 4 weeks. His knowledge is so specified that I could have saved myself a good chunk of change on massage, chiropractic and acupuncture. Highly recommend.

  2. Mike Sickle
    August 11, 2020

    I will try and make this short and sweet. Before meeting Dr. Gonzales I was diagnosed with a C5/6 degenerative disc, lower back pain, SI joint sprain and could not run, walk or sit in normal intervals without having pain. I had at best a pain level of 4-5 out of 10, 24x7x365 and this lasted for 5 years. I tried everything and met w/ multiple different physicians and PT’s. Using Dr. Gonzalez’s exercises and videos, I am now back to being fully active!! I trail run, play basketball, surf and most importantly play with my 3 young kids. Life saver!

  3. Kayli Anderson
    January 25, 2020

    I have had issues with what I thought was a strained and overtrained hamstring and glutei weakness/inactivation for months. It affected my whole last training cycle, including all the races leading up to the marathon and the marathon itself. I was foam rolling daily, doing strength training, and frankly, getting massage and acupuncture more frequently than I could afford. My running coach pointed me in Dr. Gonzales’ direction and I seriously cannot thank him enough.
    The Piriformis Syndrome guide is very straight forward. It uses simple techniques to identify the driver of the issue and simple exercises to resolve the issue. I did first aid for two days before moving into the strength and the pain in my leg decreased over 50% in just one session of the strength work. I couldn’t believe it! I had my first pain free long run on Sunday and the pain is still gone. I’ve been continuing the simple side plank exercise a few times a day and all of the miles I’ve run this week have also been pain free. I’m ecstatic to have seen such results with such simple movements.

  4. Zareena Jaffery
    December 14, 2019

    The guide is quite helpful in breaking down and explaining the cause/drivers of the issue and the available solutions. At first, I felt it was too simple but then realzied that’s what makes it effective.

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