Product Summary

Most shoulder blade cases are misdiagnosed, and here’s why:  Your shoulder blade isn’t the source of the problem.

Shoulder blade pain is usually the result of surrounding areas not doing their job. Oftentimes, the midback, core, and neck.

Instead of stretching just to get a few minutes of bliss, our program focuses on the movements that lead to long-term relief.

Our 12 week program turns folks who feel hopeless about their shoulder pain into our biggest advocates. Just check out the reviews below to see for yourself!

Who This Guide is For

  • Has chronic shoulder blade pain
  • Is sick and tired of letting their shoulder blade pain get in the way
  • Can only find temporary relief from stretching
  • Is read to put an end to their shoulder blade pain for good

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish

Structure of Program

We’ve structured the program so that each phase prepares you for the next. It’s important to focus on the process to truly “rebuild” your body week-to-week.


Phase 1 – First Aid

This weeks goal is to “cool everything down,” before building everything back up.

Without the cooling down phase, you’ll probably miss out on rapid relief. Remember, relief does not equate to restoration of function, but it is step 1 of a complete recovery.


Phase 2 – Building Mobility, Stability and Support

If we’re going to really recover the shoulder blade and set you up for long-term relief, this stage is crucial.


Phase 3 – Building Strength

We will slowly build strength upon the mobility and stability we’ve worked on.


Phase 4 – Get back to doing the things you may have been avoiding. Live life!

What this is really all about.

Now that you don’t have that nagging shoulder pain, what’s next? It really can be whatever you want.

Why This Works

As we mentioned earlier, IF stretching only provides temporary relief, there’s a good chance that this is a case of referred pain. 

Referred pain, when dealing with shoulder blade issues, usually comes in the form of a pinched nerve or cervical disc sensitivity. 

What kind of things can cause a pinched nerve or cervical disc sensitivity?


  • A pinched nerve can happen because of certain types of motions, or being in a position for too long which puts pressure on the nerve (often passing through narrow spaces in your body).


  • Cervical disc sensitivity is similar in that pressure is placed on a different spinal structure that acts like a pillow between your vertebrae – the disc. 

So What Now?

This 4 Step Shoulder Blade Recovery Program helps you with a game plan to address your shoulder blade issue due to referred pain. We’ve taken years of treating shoulder blades (rhomboid) in our own facility to develop this easy to follow guide from the palm of your hand. 

If you don’t have access to a reliable rehabilitation facility near you, or you simply can’t afford it, this guide is for you. If you’re the type of person who prefers to navigate your own body’s aches and pains, this guide is for you. 

At Performance Place Sports Care, whether you see us in person or via Zoom video call, we always try to empower you with the information to understand your body better. This allows you to navigate issues such as your shoulder blade (rhomboid) at any time!

The road to recovery starts here. 

  1. Jared L
    January 5, 2022

    The first week of the shoulder blade program was the most impactful for me. Weeks 2 and 3 were great as well but the first week’s exercises made me feel really good, especially since the whole last month I was waking up most nights adjusting my pillow trying to find a comfortable position.

    I had a lot of upper trap tension and an ache around the inner border of the shoulder blade. With just a week of the program, I noticed I was sleeping better and waking up feeling rested. Not being able to get a whole night of sleep was pretty rough.

    The remainder of the program was a lot of weight lifting and physio exercises that I haven’t done before. Some were challenging for me but I was able to do them. Some of the exercises felt awkward and I decided to not do them. I’ve been doing the ones that worked well 3 days a week and feel much stronger.

    I’m very thankful for the program. Thanks for making it available online!

  2. Larry Ling
    January 5, 2022

    I recently started to get shoulder blade pain into my right side. It came on as my work hours increased during tax season. Spending 12+ hours on the computer was killing me. I tried to stretch my rhomboid muscles, lats and upper traps. This provided some relief but every day around 1 hr of sitting, the pain would come right back. I even had my wife massage my shoulder and neck at night which helped but nothing stuck.

    I tried the exercises in the program and I started to notice the area loosening up after about a week, even without massaging or stretching the muscles. I was able to do the exercises about 3 days a week. It suggested everyday but 3 seemed to work for me.

    The program was clear and structured. I’m in my 5th week and I am able to sleep though the night and sit most of the day without any pain. I can’t wait till this tax season is over!

    I’d suggest the guide if you’ve tried stretching and massage with no results.

  3. Sagar Mandalia
    July 16, 2021

    The first-aid exercises in week 1 helped me reduce the pain in my neck and shoulders dramatically!! I was in agony and someone recommended this guide to me, which I admit, I was hesitant about, but Dr. Gonzales has a way of explaining injuries, exercises, and concepts around your body that really help as you go week to week with this guide. I’m not finished with it yet but it’s been a tremendous help a third of the way in, and I’ve been pain free and moving around a lot more. Thanks for putting an affordable resource like this together!

  4. Dawn Harper
    August 2, 2020

    Get out of pain fast! I have recurring issues with pain in my shoulder blade to the point that I cannot turn my head to the left, look up or look down. The piercing pain makes me break out into a sweat and have waves of nausea! I tried google and YouTube for neck stretches and yoga routines, and nothing I found worked. After I did the 3 movements that are in the manual I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, the relief was instant. That first day I had about 50% reduction in pain. By the third day it was 90% reduction. I am so grateful to have found Dr Gonzales. What’s amazing is I didn’t have to spend hours and a lot of money to get better. I got myself out of pain by simple movements I’m an avid runner and fitness enthusiast so I’m super grateful to be rid of this pain and get back to doing what I love!

  5. Azadeh
    December 12, 2019

    I suffered with shoulder blade pain for about 9 years and tried everything: Chiropractors, foam rolling, massage, mobility wods, etc.

    Dr. Gonzales’ shoulder blade guide and all the exercises were honestly life changing. As long as I’m consistent with the chin tucks I don’t have excruciating sharp pain anymore thanks to this guide! It’s so affordable compared to anything out there and it actually works for the long run instead of a few hours of relief I got with anything else.

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