Strength And Conditioning For The Shoulder – The Clinician’s Guide


Strength And Conditioning For The Upper Quarter – The Clinician’s Guide

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This guide is perfect for chiropractor, physical therapist, strength coaches and trainer who work with populations suffering with shoulder and/or neck pain, due to cervical disc or nerve pressure.

In the video course, you will learn how to coach and cue various exercise that can often trigger pain in your clients.

  • Overhead Pressing
  • Rowing
  • Turkish Get Ups

You’ll also get access to highly effective corrective execises and warm ups for these clients

  • Thoracic Extension & Rotation
  • Posterior Cuff Primers
  • Corrective Exercises

It will change the way you practice!

Learn how to safely and quickly take a shoulder/ neck pain patient from the rehab setting to lifting, using a high reward/ low risk strategy – Presented by Cody Dimak

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