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Gluteus Medius Pain with Running – Iliac Crest Origin

Gluteus Medius Pain with Running – Iliac Crest Origin

Huntington Beach, Orange County CA

Gluteus Medius Pain is not uncommon to experience as pain in the outside part of the hip while running.  If you feel pain and tightness along and just below the iliac crest (the hip bone), you could be experiencing an overuse training injury.  This video will explain more…

Many times scar tissue will deposit in the area of Gluteus Medius Pain resulting in:

Reduced flexibility or elasticity of the muscle, leading to…
Reduced range of motion of that area in the body, leading to…
Increase in internal pressure in the tissue, leading to…
Reduced circulation of blood and nutrients, leading to…
Reduced muscle and nerve function

Here’s the steps I would take to resolve Gluteus Medius Pain (many times this approach can resolve conditions within weeks to a month or so):

Gluteus Medius Pain

Gluteus Medius Pain – Huntington Beach, Orange County

  1. Active Release® and other types of soft tissue therapy is a good place to start, addressing the damaged tissues.
  2. Eccentric loading of the muscle to strengthen damaged fiber (there is a bit of research on the topic)
  3. Slowing increase training volume and intensity as desired by the coach

What are some treatment options for Gluteus Medius Pain?

Although you might see some scary stories on the Internet about the necessity of injections or months or therapy, in reality many of these cases can be resolved in a few months with proper care.  Gluteus Medius Pain will usually respond to deep tissue massage, Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, stretching and strengthening.

What is the best treatment for Gluteus Medius Pain?

There is no true “best” treatment for Gluteus Medius Pain, as each case will respond favorably to different treatments.  Have an evaluation first to start you in the right direction.

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