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Play 69 MinutesMay 16, 2018
Episode: 87

Fix Your Own Back, Dermal Traction And Facebook Live With Phillip Snell

69 Minutes - May 16, 2018


I met Dr. Snell in Colorado this year while he was presenting at the Rehab to Performance Symposium on the topic of back pain and clinical reasoning. Seems like a general enough topic for a chiropractor right? The funny thing is that many healthcare providers don’t have a systematic way to resolving back pain because they’ve never dug deep enough to uncover the main reason of the patient’s condition.

Dr. Snell took us all through an amazing workflow of how to identify the root case of low back pain (based upon some McGill and McKinzie works) and then how to reduce the person’s pain quickly. He has a website called Fix Your Own Back that you should definitely check out.

Dermal traction, formally known as YAP, is also one of his original ideas (along with Justin Dean, a past guest) and he goes over the concept of using it for high patient buy in today.

SHOW NOTES: https://www.p2sportscare.com/fix-your-own-back-dermal-traction-dr-phillip-snell-dc/ 

Phillip Snell Bio:

A cum laude graduate of Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) in Portland, Phillip also received extensive post-graduate training in the diagnosis, treatment, and case management of automobile-related spine trauma. His practice is focused on sports medicine, using functional assessment and rehab prescription, and supported by cutting-edge myofascial techniques like Graston Technique and Stecco Fascial Manipulation. He also has served as part-time faculty at University of Western States in their manual therapy department and Sports Medicine Masters degree program.

Phillip keeps up to date with emerging scientific literature to improve his clinical practice, a process known as evidence-based practice. He also travels extensively each year, teaching these methods to other doctors—and continuing to add to his own toolbox as he in turn learns from the best researchers and teachers in the world. Using a biomechanics mindset, Phillip enjoys the detective work that gets to the bottom of stubborn, painful conditions. He then turns his attention to teaching patients how to use corrective exercises to manage their own conditions. His focus on finding the key movement patterns that need correction led him to launch MyRehabExercise.com in 2011. Health care professionals around the world use the website to help teach their own patients functional rehab methods.

As a long-time athlete, Phillip has a special appreciation of the needs of athletes as they age and the conditions that keep them from being as active as they would like. Patients can expect not only chiropractic adjustments, but also treatment to address the surrounding muscle and fascial tissues, followed up with thorough rehabilitation exercises. Treatments are tailored to each patient's needs, with special attention to educating the patient in how to reduce future injuries.

Phillip enjoys wintertime snowboarding and during the warmer months can be found in his garden or hiking and running the beautiful trails in the Portland area with his wife and son.

Reach him:


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  • Muscle Protects Nerve
  • In school we are taught to assess tight muscles but we need to ask why they are tight
  • The way we treat back pain should be an ordered process
  • Deadlifting is the basenote of what we do at the Fix Your Own Back Program

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Episode: 87

Fix Your Own Back, Dermal Traction And Facebook Live With Phillip Snell

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Fix Your Own Back, Dermal Traction And Facebook Live With Phillip Snell